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My Days With The Refugees In Calais, France

By |14th January 2019|World|

On the forecourt of Liverpool Street station in London sits a memorial to the “Children of the Kindertransport”. The plaque says it is in thanks for the 10,000 unaccompanied, mainly Jewish children who were allowed to escape to England shortly

My Soul Restored

By |2nd January 2019|Religion|

I am in Dharamsala the current home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama visiting friends. When here, I visit the Dalai Lama’s Temple to light a candle and pray. I find a visit there restores my soul. On this visit

December 2018

Why I love Christmas at Exodus

By |10th December 2018|Religion|

Every Christmas Day at my Exodus Foundation we hold a giant Christmas party. Thousands of  poor, needy, lonely and homeless people turn up for a free hot traditional Christmas Day lunch with all the trimmings and a present from Santa.

October 2018

June 2018

RIP Robert Kennedy

By |6th June 2018|Politics, World|

Today, June 6, is always a sad day for me. Not only is it 74th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in France it is also (this year) the 50th anniversary of the death of Robert Kennedy. For many people hope

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January 2018

Walking the line in Bangkok

By |9th January 2018|World|

As many of you know, through my work with homeless, abused and traffickerd children I am on the Board of Childline Thailand. I do this through my Bill Crews Charitable Trust, of which I am the founder and CEO. Last

December 2017

My Christmas message

By |19th December 2017|Religion|

This Christmas many children won’t share our good fortune. They’ll endure bleak conditions of grinding poverty, but I have good news. My Bill Crews Charitable Trust has already given thousands of kids like this a better future and with your

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November 2016

The Trump victory

By |10th November 2016|World|

When I was first asked to write a comment on the election of Donald Trump to be President of the USA I thought “no” because everybody and his dog would be commenting. However, on thinking about it I thought, why

October 2016

March 2016

January 2016

Visiting “The Jungle”, Calais for the second time – This needs to be read in in conjunction with my earlier blog of 12th October, 2015 called “My trip to the Jungle – Walking with the Refugees on Wednesday, 7th October, 2015”.

By |12th January 2016|World|

I was apprehensive. How will I find it? Had it changed much? Had the attitude of the refugees there hardened? After all, three months had gone by since I was there last and the fear always was that if these

In Paris – Remembering Charlie Hebdo

By |8th January 2016|World|

Today, January 7, is the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo slaughter.  I arrived in Paris yesterday with an urn of composted Martin Place flowers left at the time of the Lindt Cafe Martin Place siege. I intended to scatter some

What I have learned over the past few years

By |5th January 2016|Society|

I now realise that I’ve spent far too much of my life ‘out in the cold’. As a child, not really bonding with my father life was tough and lonely. Consequently, much of my early years was spent never quite fitting in anywhere. Looking

October 2015

August 2015

July 2015

Life is just beginning at 70

By |13th July 2015|Society|

Here I am, 70 years old and I feel my life is just beginning!  If we are the sum of all we've learned, experienced and suffered over the years then, this is it! I've been lucky, so lucky in my

A night with Bangkok homeless kids

By |10th July 2015|Society|

On Wednesday night, 8th July 2015, I spent the night at The Hub in Bangkok. It's run by my Bill Crews Trust for the homeless kids of that city.  I slept there in dormitory conditions with them. We slept on stretchers. These stretchers were

June 2015

A better world for all children

By |24th June 2015|Society|

Today I was at the Graduation of our Literacy students in The Northern Territory. The students all seemed so young, innocent and beautiful!   There were two groups of students there.  One group comprised of 9 to 11 year olds

May 2015

Reflection at Myruan Sukumaran’s Funeral

By |10th May 2015|Society|

Over the years I have been heavily involved in anti death penalty campaigns. Barlow and Chambers in Malaysia, Van Nguyen in Singapore and now Chan and Sukumaran in Indonesia.It'staught me a thing or two about what is of ultimate importance

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February 2015

Kayla Mueller did not die in vain

By |13th February 2015|Society|

When I first saw the photograph of Kayla Mueller, the young American aid-worker firstly captured by ISIS only to die in a blast somewhere, I got a real shock.  I saw the open face of a young girl who, in

January 2015

Paris Reflections

By |8th January 2015|World|

In Methodist house in Westminster there is a room full of plaques. They are in memory of Methodist Clergymen and Lay people who went to Africa in the 1800's as missionaries. As I looked at the plaques the realisation came

December 2014

October 2014

A Call for Calm

By |24th October 2014|Society|

A Call for Calm A few weeks ago on my Sunday night radio program on Sydney Radio 2GB 873 I invited a philosopher to speak on the causes of Islamic radicalism. The effect it had on some listeners was truly

September 2014

August 2014

Surrogacy and baby Gammy

By |3rd August 2014|Society|

What about the terrible case of that Down Syndrome surrogate baby born for an Australian couple in Thailand. When the Australian couple found out the baby was suffering Downs, they reportedly rejected it. It’s left the baby with an impoverished

July 2014

What makes for a homeless child?

By |29th July 2014|Society|

At the opening of my radio program on Sunday night, July 20 I lit a candle in memory of the victims of  Malaysian flight MH17. I invited listeners to, in solidarity with me and victims, light a candle too and

June 2014

Albie turns 100

By |24th June 2014|Society|

At this time of year, as the temperatures drop I am always asking people to spare a thought for the homeless.  As you know, my Exodus Foundation’s Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurant provides almost a thousand meals daily to Sydney’s

Three Donations

By |12th June 2014|Society|

A few years ago I received a phone call. “I’m a nurse in XY ward at The Royal Hospital.  We have a patient here Mary Smith* who is dying.  She has asked if you can come in and see her”.

And the little children suffered

By |6th June 2014|Religion|

I am so saddened, I really do not know what to say. The headline in the Australian newspaper really said it all. 796 Irish orphans in septic tank tomb ...... a researcher found records for 796 young children believed to

May 2014

My response to the Budget

By |14th May 2014|Politics|

For the past week or so I have been in London getting my Big Picture Social Justice  Film Festival off the ground. As you know, following its success in Sydney, Odeon Cinemas here have expressed interest in hosting it in

Doing freedom – it’s a hard job

By |9th May 2014|Society|

You know, freedom is a wonderful thing.   I’m sitting here in Balan’s coffee shop in Soho, London one sunny spring Saturday afternoon watching through the window the thousands of people who walk past up and down the street outside.  I

Kids from The Hub in Bangkok

By |2nd May 2014|World|

A few weeks ago I had to undergo a Hiatus Hernia operation.  “Not very difficult”, I was told, it involved key-hole surgery and I would be out and about in no time. Which I was. A few weeks later I

April 2014

Post-Easter Musings – 2014

By |22nd April 2014|Religion|

The last Sunday before Advent (the four weeks leading up to Christmas) is called the Sunday of Christ the King.  On this Sunday the Bible reading has Jesus standing in the synagogue addressing the crowd.  The Chief Priests and the

An Easter Meditation – 2014

By |14th April 2014|Religion|

Whatever opinions you have about Christianity you must agree that the events of that Easter two thousand years ago, however you see them to be, changed the world.   Being a Christian minister I often think about the significance of Christianity

March 2014

Don’t get homeless in Darwin

By |10th March 2014|Society|

When I first started taking in homeless kids in Ashfield, many of them came from Central Railway station in the city.  Central Railway station is the hub where all the railway lines of NSW collide.  Country and suburban. To go

February 2014

Governments failing to care

By |19th February 2014|Politics|

A few years ago, when my children were young, we bought them some pet mice from a pet shop.  In our home we had a large fish tank and we put the mice with the little mouse house and treadmill

January 2014

Capital Punishment demeans us all!

By |23rd January 2014|Politics, Society|

That ”Good Ol’ United States”  tag is really tarnished today, eh? That, for want of a more appropriate word, ‘execution’ of  Dennis McGuire last week was disgusting, don’t you think? Now I know he was guilty of the rape and fatal

Thank you Barry O’Farrell

By |22nd January 2014|Politics|

I just want to say “Thank you” to Barry O’Farrell and the NSW Government. Now of course the changes don’t go far enough but they appear to me to be a genuine attempt to begin to change a culture of

To Barry, a plea for Newcastle Solution today

By |20th January 2014|Politics|

Dear Barry, The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education has research from Newcastle to Norway to London showing a direct link between venue operating hours and increased levels of violence. That’s pretty conclusive, isn’t it and FARE is a very

December 2013

November 2012

Confessional mustn’t hide crime

By |14th November 2012|Religion|

I can understand why Premier Barry O'Farrell struggles with the fact that the Catholic Church might enable pedophiles to hide behind the secrecy of the Confessional. Barry, like most modern thinking people, sees the danger that represents. We in the

Church abuse and a Royal Commission

By |11th November 2012|Religion|

What a sorry state of affairs. I guess this is what comes of decades of lies, obfuscation and cover-up. Average people have been asking me just how far Church loyalty lends itself to cover-up.  How far does it stretch it’s

November 2011

Is good management creating a moral vacuum?

By |18th November 2011|Society|

In our western world we are suffering a crisis of genuine leadership because we are confusing good corporate management with good leadership. The two are totally separate and quite different. In many ways “management” is amoral; it works out the

August 2011

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